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05.23.03 Warsaw, Pittsburgh with---Ludus Lovestyle
04.19.03 Gooski's, Polish Hill with---Silver Thread
02.22.03 3227 Dawson St., Oakland with---Parts and Labor, Voltage(fr. chicago)
05.28.02 Club 608, Somerville with---Certainly, Sir, the Secrets
04.24.02 SCAT Cafe, Somerville TV channel with--- Monkey Hands
03.22.02 Beckett's Pub, Allston (Special Event with BOTH MAGAZINE and 3rdBed with--- the Sea Navy, Camden Joy, Noah Gordon
03.01.02 RUBBISH, Dudley Square, Boston. with--- A.R.E. Weapons, Carlos(Interpol), JTRONIC
0?.0?.02 T.T. the Bear's, Cambridge, MA. with-- Oshmoneks, Anushka Pop, Circle & Square
12.17.01 Charlie's Kitchen, Harvard Sq. with--- The Secrets, Bones, Todd Giles
06.16.01 209 College Ave. with--- The Secrets, The Enditalls
06.09.01 Planet Aid, Harvard Sq. with--- The Beatings, Ed in the Refridgerators, The Secrets
04.20.01 Arts Haus, Tufts Univ. with--- Les Savy Fav, Tristan da Cunha

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