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Due to strangeness, our web page can only be updated from a certain computer at the Carnegie Public Library. This explains many things, including why the seeming hundreds of shows we've played are not listed here...

We're on Friendster. I've never been there, and assume it's more up to date than here...


6/25/04 with Karl Hendrix Trio at 31st Street Pub, Pittsburgh

7/13/04 at Pittsburgh Deli Company

7/14/04 OHIO

7/15/04 Louisville

7/16/04 Murfreesburo,TN

7/17/04 Louisville DAY, Nashville NIGHT

7/18/04 visit family in Paint Rock, AL

7/19-20/04 GEORGIA prolly ATL then ATHNS

7/21/04 up the coast

love, NICK

3/31/04 with Bishop Allen at Quiet Storm, Garfield

4/9/04 with Rant Music at Warsaw Tavern, Polish Hill

4/10/04 with Boombox at Rachel Corbis' old house PARTY

Listing Site Updates
Under one of these subheadings, 2 EP/CD's available:

CLASSIC: permanently "Civil War Generals"
John Bell Hood (feat. Jim Fitting)
Oh Sheila
End of the Casual War
Still Born Corpse
Tucson Sky
Filthy White Pants
Dare 2 Believe

"HOOKS FOR HANDS" is finished. Our first full-length effort. Nobody's offered to put it all out, but this awesome guy named Jesse is making a 7" single of VIDA LOCA b/w Cash is Fine. Avaliable in late summer.

CHECK OUT THE ESKIMO LABS X-MAS COMPILATION. It features Soltero, the Secrets, Wolf Colonel, Alex McGreggor, Shopping, and Certainly, Sir. Plus a whole lot more!!!
7/16/00   Added pictures of my vacation to the Photo page.
6/25/00   Updated the team schedule for the fall 200 season.
5/30/00   Added information about a new product my business offers.

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While we'd rather monger information, we have T-SHIRTS for sale. Wow your friends with the "Buggering Birds" 2-color design. Or, bewilder your parents with the "Civil War Generals" 1-color treatment. Youth Large, Assorted Pansy Colors. Send us some email for your chance to own wearable, original, Breton-esque artwork.

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Cellphones give you brain cancer. For booking call us at 412-621-5322.
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